Sweater Dreams

In my latest podcast episode, I talked about my decision to frog my Marettimo by Caitlin Hunter because I can no longer support that particular designer after observing her treatment of women of color. I know we all make mistakes and have areas we struggle with, but her actions sent a clear message and my values don’t allow me to continue to support her. I know that she has thousands of followers and I am only one person, but individual decisions can collectively make a bigger impact. I’m not telling you what to do, just asking that you join me in being more conscious about who we support with our money and voices.

The good news is this means I get to plan another sweater project, and I already know my gauge! The yarn I’ll be using is from Six and Seven Fiber. I have three skeins of her Clover base: two in Puffed Sleeves and one in Matthew & Marilla.


I’m looking to make a pullover-style top with short or 3/4-length sleeves using two colors of fingering weight yarn. I’ve found that I wear solid-colored cardigans but not multi-colored ones because it’s harder to match them with a full outfit, so cardigans are out. I want to have some more short-sleeved options for wearing to work.

Here are a few of the patterns I’m considering:

Keep me tee.jpg

Keep Me Tee by Jennifer Wood. I like how the colors contrast, since the yarn I’m using is a high contrast combination. Plus that edging looks like a lot of fun, and I like the unique yoke and shoulder design.


Unobvious by Asja Janeczek. I love the lace panels on this, both on the front and the back, and how the contrast color is also on the sleeve cuffs. This would help me maximize yardage since many tops that use two colors don’t use a full skein of the contrast color.


Anaashah by Jennifer Steingass. The pattern is written with long sleeves, but I like how this Ravelry user adapted it to have short sleeves. A classic colorwork yoke style which I love.


Kentia by Marie Amelie Designs. Maybe I just have a thing for lace right now? Not totally sure how this style would look on me since I’m much bustier than the model, but I am liking this look.

The next two are both long-sleeved, but they have a dropped sleeve construction so it might be fun to just finish off the sleeves with a couple rounds of ribbing and turn them into short sleeved sweaters.

Felicitas by Lisa Hannes. This pattern has mosaic knitting, which is a technique I’ve never used but have been wanting to try. Again with the lace hem!

Seaglass and Driftwood by Annie Lupton. I love all of Annie’s patterns but have never made one, so this might be a good time to knit one!

Weyi by Xiaowei Design. More lace, but this time on the sleeves! I like how the lace elevates the usually casual looking contrast sleeve style into something more elegant. Definitely work appropriate.

Appalachian Trail by Kentucky Knits. Another good use of high contrast yarns with a fun split hem detail. The pattern is designed for a slightly longer length, but it would be easy to shorten to make sure I have enough yarn.

Who knows if I will cast on any of these, but the dreaming and planning is half the fun!